Top 5 Things To Do In Seattle This Fall

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Top 5 Things To Do In Seattle This Fall

Seattle in the Fall 2018

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As the smell of pine trees and sound of leaves being broken under your every step begin to insert themselves into your everyday life, the change of weather and scenery mark the new season. It has been an extremely hot summer thus far, and I do not think there is any shortage of people who are ready to embrace jacket and jean-wearing temperatures. Not only do your sense cool down as September rolls in, the season-specific activities that we all love pop back up for us to enjoy again. There is no replacing the atmosphere of the weeks leading up to Halloween, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a perfect destination for Fall fun. You’ll get to witness the gorgeous change of color on the trees, as well as have a better excuse to cozy up indoors, as the temperatures there are tiny bit colder than most U.S states this time of year. So, in the spirit of the season, here are five Autumn activities you can participate in that will leave you satisfied in Seattle.

Seahawks Game

One of the quintessential returns in the fall season is football. America has sort of stitched its third quarter of the year to the sport, and there many who cannot get through summer fast enough. Even if you are not a fan, experiencing a Seattle Seahawks football game will not be a typical beer and brat filled day. The atmosphere here is second to none, as the stadium was built to amplify the crowd noise when cheering. Raucous is not a word that even comes close to describing the temper of those around the field. The team is a big part of the city’s identity, and being a part of that will connect you even faster.

Market Ghost Tour

I think it might actually be a crime to visit Seattle and not travel to Pike Place Market. There is a reason it is the number one tourist attraction in the state of Washington. If you get the chance, you should definitely experience the market during the day when it is bustling with residents from every corner of town. Nothing is quite like it. But this attraction puts on its spooky shoes when fall arrives! You can take a tour of a few graveyards, the nation’s very first mortuary, and even a brothel, all within the market itself! Be sure to check around for discounted tickets online before you book your tour!


Seattle is certainly known as one of the best fishing markets in the country, selling fresh salmon, crab, and oysters. Not everyone is aware that fishing season really picks up in the fall, as the salmon are beginning to spawn. This is your chance to get in touch with an authentic part of the area, when settlers had to catch their own food to eat. Head up out of the city to one of the beautiful rivers in the area and try your luck and snagging an absolute brute of a Salmon- I mean fifty pounders. If wading in the chilly fall waters is not really your speed, charter a boat and head out onto the Sound to snag some delicious water-dwellers. You’ll have a great time, and maybe have a delicious dinner!


Situated in the Cascade Mountains, the Bavarian-styled town of Leavenworth is about as authentic as it gets. The sprawling pine forests and snow-capped peaks resemble northern Germany and the alps perfectly. And as if the beauty of the town were not enough to convince you to visit, the three-week long celebration of Oktoberfest should do the trick! Grab a Dunkel and head into the Nutcracker Museum!


Let’s face it. As beautiful as Seattle is, especially in the fall, it is prone to numerous days of rain. As such, you cannot spend every day enjoying the gorgeous outdoors. For those days when it does decide to downpour, the Seattle Aquarium is perhaps the best way to beat the weather. Tickets are under thirty dollars at their highest, and the aquarium runs every day from 9:30 until 5. Visit their website for a detailed list of their extensive activities, deals, and exhibits!

There would be no better place to explore for the fall season than a mountainous, deciduous climate like that of Seattle. Color, temperature, and atmosphere change mark the foray into the cooling season, and the people of Seattle embrace it as enthusiastically as any other town in America. You certainly will not be hard-pressed to find something fun to do. Either way, this list will provide you with a great place to start from. After that, just let your imagination run wild in Seattle!


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