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Office: 877-808-8511

15015 Main St. Suite 205
Bellevue, WA 98007

Lia Huang -黄丽雅 is a full time hard working agent. She threw herself into the Seattle real estate market and has gained much experience and impressive stats in a short time. She previously worked in the banking industry, which provided extensive customer service experience. She is a patient, tireless worker that pays close attention to detail.

A great thing to note: Lia is an excellent communicator: She is an international specialist and is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Sichuan Dialect.

Lia’s fundamental belief is that her customers are well taken care of and her customer’s needs are put before her own. Lia advocates for her clients, whether they are purchasing or selling their home. She understands that going through a real estate transaction is a significant event and is honored to guide her clients through the process. You will not find a harder more committed worker then Lia. She works around the clock to accommodate her clients schedules wherever they may be in the world.

When Lia isn’t at work she can be found in her garden, volunteering, trying out a new recipe, or playing with her two cats.

丽雅(Lia )是来自美国地产销售RE/MAX’s East & Emerald 公司的一名出色的专业地产经纪人,为顾客提供优质的服务,客户的满意是她服务的最好标准,从事房地产行业以来丽雅为客户提供真诚贴心的服务备受顾客认可信赖。

丽雅可以熟练地使用英语、国语、粤语、客家话、桂柳话以及四川话,能和来自不同地区、不同国家的客户进行沟通交流。她性格开朗而且有耐心,不怕您的需求多,“能让你开开心心买到物有所值的房子”就是她的服务宗旨。客户对她的信任就是她最大的工作动力,她一直把责任心作为自己对待客户的最基本的自我要求。选择丽雅 就是选择了专业,选择了责任心,选择了一个省心愉快的买房过程。